directed by Natalia lassalle-Morillo

costume designer: Xiyu Lin

Scenic designer: Maria Fernanda Videla

sound designer: Gahyae Ryu

Lighting designer: Pei-yu Lai

Video designer: Kam Ying Lee

production manager:Xiaoyue Zhang

stage manager: Ethan Hollander

Theater pieces featuring costumes that examine how people came from the same origin but dealing with the past in different way.

Mr. Crow

written and directed: Changting lu

Costume designer: Xiyu Lin

scenic designer: Sirun Bakrajian

sound designer: anna libbie grossman

lighting designer: josephine wang

projection designer: Luc yikai wu, viola leqi he

Production manager: Yue wang

stage manager: percent han

Mr. crow was a multimedia immersive theater. it was a person’s memories about his friend dead by suicide, whom he had recalled thousands times for details in his memories.