clothing - Draping/patterning/sewing/weaving

software - Photoshop/adobe illustrator/inDesign/premiere/Marvelous designer

drawing - watercolor/sketch/digital

language - mandarin/english

Costume Design for Theater

antigone (2019) - directed by Natalia Lassalle-Morillio

artificial Inheritance (2019) - a vR theater project, directed by anna grossman

Mr. Crow (2019) - Directed by Changting lu

Happy med (2017) - Directed by Rodrigo Correia

Gunshot in Vagina (2019) - directed by iAngel Teng

kate (2018) - Directed by Ziyi jin

Costume Design for films

Costume Design for Photography

yamakawa (2015) - directed and shot by Youjia Qu


Oedipus (2019) - my solo project, performing at Automata theater, lA

story of eye (2018) - created by natalia lassalle-morillio, Brittney Brady, and me



For uncle three at a book launch event (2016)

for zhang qiling (acted by boran jing) at the film premiere of ‘the last tomb’


California institute of the arts (2017-2020) - M.f.a. candidate, school of theater, design and production: costume design

shih chien university (2012-2013) - exchange student, college of culture and creativity, dept. of fashion styling and design communication

minjiang university (2010-2014) - b.f.a. candidate, straits college, artistic design: fashion design