I was impressed with Oedipus's solitude and regret. The concept behind this project was how miscommunication harms relationships (friendship, family ties, etc). The miscommunication is from distinction between how people think and how they behave - sometimes people's mind is something, but what they behave/express/communicate is unlike what they think, or say, doesn't convey their mind. This miscommunication causes misinterpretation, which is hard to clarify even we try couple times.

Live performance in Oedipus was speaking to the audience, which was simultaneously interpreting the monologue from projection. The bilingual interpretation attempted to clarify but actually messed up the communication - Simultaneous speaking made neither of monologues clear. Installation presented reality where Oedipus was. Projection was the vision of Oedipus’s inner world. technically, it was also a light resource. The installation (reality) was hided in dark part of projection till the end of the monologue the vision of Oedipus disappeared. Since the frame of projection widened, it lit up the installation. Then audience could see "reality" clear, how people around her(the moldy figures) were ill, (texture in terms of figures means certain morbid state influenced by the relationships with Oedipus.) how they had been hurt from it, and how painful Oedipus was.

Story of Eye

performed by Brittney Brady, natalia Lassalle-morillo, and me

Varied kinds of equipments run differently. Some features remind me of certain characters. When we operate equipments, some react quickly some slowly. some broken functions of them are like their incapability, or say, reluctant to communicate. the operation is the communication between human and machine.

in this performance, we tried to make equipments act as characters. they are actors on stage. They acted/responded to our operation, expressed/spoke by images as well as the sound when we pressed buttons. varying images contributed to ambience in the space.